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news scoops and who gets credit

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Ritratto di semplerfi
Iscritto: 5 Gen 2008

I submitted the news scoop of "Cyan's Community Manager - changing of the guard (repost)".

It shows "Submitted by semplerfi on November 8, 2009" at the top.

But down at the bottom it shows "Submitted by: Al'Kaera and Dakro too :)".

What's with that?

I scooped the news and you are giving credit to some one else.

I am sorry I do not understand.

I do not see where this was done to anybody else.

Ritratto di Leonardo
Iscritto: 19 Giu 2008

eheh, this is all a matter of multiple posts.

You, Al'kaera and Dakro submitted the same news together....well, not together as in "at the same time" but when I went to see if there were any News to approve I found those 3 News there.

Of course I couldn't publish all of them  so I picked the more complete/well done and published it. But at the same time I wanted to give credit to all the 3 of you...so I added them to the "Submitted by" field

I could have published the first that was posted (Al'kaera's) but I chose the "completeness/better done" sorting method instead of the submitted time.

And this wasn't done to anybody else because this is the first time we get multiple News Items on the same thing, AFAIK

Hope you understand :)